Having just finished the kick-off of Blackbird Games Studio, I will be giving some time to blog and perhaps write a bit about what is happening in Blackbird Games Studio, one blog per week seems realistic at this point

Kicking off was a slow process and actually there are still some tasks that I need to finalize, activities included:

  • Developing/Publishing our website
  • Plus Facebook Page
  • Plus Twitter Account
  • Plus Itch.io page
  • Plus Indie DB page
  • Plus Game Jolt page
  • Plus Youtube channel
  • And of course publishing our first game ‘Fluffy Sphera’ on all these channels plus trying to advertise it a bit on Facebook

For the things that I still need to work on:

  • A lot more marketing and publicity to our ‘Fluffy Sphera’
  • MIght think of releasing it on some other stores (i.e. App Store … etc.)
  • Some website updates
  • And perhaps an Instagram account for Blackbird Games Studio
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