I believe what I am feeling now is normal in my case of being the only member of my Indie Game Development Studio, I am totally overwhelmed with a lot of things that I need to accomplish and so little time …

But is the time really the problem or managing the time, it has been almost a year now and I am trying to manage my time in different ways, being a full time employee and trying to learn game development, graphics development and building/releasing my games at the same time doesn’t seem t be fully working, first I tried a time based plan where I time boxed everything to find enough time to work on Blackbird activities but it seems that this time boxed technique doesn’t really work so I am trying now another technique where I will be having a target based plan, specific target or targets for each week and let’s hope I can manage it

If you went through a similar situation and was able to manage your time efficiently then don’t hesitate on sharing your thoughts, ideas and experience in the comments

And wish me luck 🙂

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