Buildbox 3 Guide

This is Blackbird Games Studio guide for Buildbox 3, Buildbox 3 started a few years ago as a game builder software and evolved until it reached version 3 now which in our opinion is a full loaded game engine and has a great potential to compete against AAA game engines like Unity and Unreal, in this page we will be listing videos and other training materials for Buildbox 3 that we will be using as our reference while creating new Buildbox 3 games and that we think might be useful for anyone learning or using Buildbox 3, Enjoy smile


Buildbox 3 Teaser Video

Buildbox 3 Sneak Peak Video

Buildbox 3 Reveal Event

Tips & Tricks

5 Indie Game Dev Tips

Creating 2D Games in Buildbox 3

2D Walk through

Developing in 2D

Getting Started

Getting started

Smart Assets

Position Cube, Rotation Cube & Scale Cube Smart Assets

Export Smart Assets




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